Sydney's Cheapest Trailer Hire!

What we have...

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7 x 4 Trade Top Enclosed Trailer

with lockable watertight lid great for camping!

7 x 5 Tilt Trailer with Cage & Ramp

8 x 5 Trailer with Cage & Ramp

8 x 5 fully enclosed trailer (6ft high internally)

lockable & watertight for camping, moving etc (may be different to photo)

10 x 5 caged dual axle (2tonne capacity) Trailer

currently NOT available until further notice... Biggest size available for furniture or home renovation materials

15 x 6.6ft Flat Deck (2tonne capacity) Car Carrying Trailer

(flat chequerplate deck for car transport or large item pickup/removals)*


*2500kg strap hire $10 extra


If you arent sure what's best suited to your needs, just simply call:

0404 02 1010